VerkstadsForum PLM & ERP Magazine

During 2010 our website project has really come into fruition. Not only has the website, our newsletter and PLM TV turned out to be a massive success, our magazine subsciptions have also recieved a serious nudge by over 2100 new subscribers, most of them attracted by the different offerings on the website. This means that the magazine is circulated in workplaces with over 49 000 readers.

This is how our reader groups are structured:
* 46 percent are company leaders (CEOs)
* 43 percent are engineers/executives with special managerial duties related to functions in product development areas like PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and CRM (Customer Relation Management), in companies with high level digital production chains.
* 11 percent are group managers in areas concerning styling & shaping, technical design, mechanical design, production design, simulation, calculation, programming, technical support, purchasing and staff administration

Anyone involved in the product development process can be reached with VerkstadsForum!

To summarize; during 2010 the VerkstadsForum magazine has seen substantial growth, and for the last ten years has been the only established publication dedicated to the PLM industry including areas like CAD, CAE, CAM, PDM, ERP and automation.


We made a remarkable journey these last four years, from relative obscurity to cementing our position as perhaps the most important independent online information channel for CAx-, PDM-, PLM and ERP related journalism and information gathering. Active for twenty years and during this time, making the decision to focus on industrial IT-support, has enabled us to form a unique base of knowledge and competence. By keeping pace with media platform development we have discovered new and exciting ways to distribute our journalistic material.

We utilize six different plattforms for news and analysis: The website has many components, but first and foremost it manages the daily newsflow. Our web TV channel, which for the last three years has been offering professionally made web TV programming. With shows like PLM & ERP news, and most recently the interview program "The Hot Seat - Meet the press" - the only channel in the world devoted to industrial PLM- and ERP related broadcasting. The main accomplishment of these programs reaching new audiences - especially the younger generation of IT professionals. Our Newsletter, which every ten days gives a summary of what's happening in our areas of interest, with approximately 15 000 subscribers as of today. Mobile PLM & ERP News - As a response to the massive emergence of mobile technology, we have made our web TV shows available for viewing on mobile devices. VerkstadsForums facebook account is continuously updated with insider information about the magazine and its staff.

So who visits our site? The average visitor is in a position of power, multinational corporation and public works to small or medium sized businesses. Experience and statistics point to a remarkable level of feedback from these decision makers. And that the information and the in-depth analysis that our media channels offer have become a vital part of the decision making process of IT-professionals and executives.